Martin Weekly

square riggers at morro bay sonora pass orchards of lemmon cove the donna faye, morro bay sutter creek fourth of july, old sacramento dandy lions of balch park amador city spring at morro bay neath the cataract spring at amador city three rivers rocky point sandia peak, new mexico fish ranch, carmel lisa vineyards of exeter foothills in spring storm over rocky hill before the developers matties tavern, los alivos kaweah general store, three rivers pollack pines hollister peak, morro bay cathedral of the blessed sacrament, sacramento the yellow ribbon, state capital oranges of lemoncove storm over halfdome talkin' girls and cold beer nevada city boats at moss landing baywood park tall in the saddle the legacy red white and blue spring at sutter creek summer at cayucos el dorado sunday mornin' comin' down, sanora twin lakes spring at roseville silver lake cambria cold mornin' boats at morro bay buscaglias, jackson ca. yosemite moonlightin' reimers candy store from donna's deck' capistrano beach fleet comin' in, morro bay free spirit, yosemite mineral king china cove lazy days o' summer gulls of shell beach jackson from the north rim from badger hill kirkwood meadows down from the high country pismo beach dogwoods of yosemite morro rock merced river el dorado hills
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